Love the mugs
    "I love the ease of holding your new cups. Much more confident in holding them. Am giving two of them as Christmas gifts to my mother and sister as they are older and I think they would really get great use from the cups."
    Stanley S.
    It's the little things.......
      "I ordered a set of 16oz mugs for a coworker who has been struggling with a Parkinson's diagnosis in our fifties. He's found clever ways to discreetly manage subtle tremors; a chunky pen, hand in pocket, etc. I did a little research and found these mugs on-line. Once I read all the glowing reviews from people living with similar challenges I decided to purchase one for the office and one for his home. Hopefully, this makes enjoying a cup of coffee on one of those "not so good days" a little easier. The Moroccan blue is beautiful and they came shipped in nice secure packaging. Allen, the owner, was very accessible both by phone and instant chat. I'm sure I will be purchasing others in the future."
      Great coffee cup
        "These cups and well made, nicely designed and most importantly functional especially for men with larger hands, although even Trump might like them. I have purchased some for myself and for family."
        James L.
        Christmas Gift
          "I bought these as a Christmas gift. I did try holding them and almost kept them for my self. I have problems with my hands and these felt good in my hands. I'm sure the people that are getting them will love them"
          Margaret F.
          jamber mugs, my favorite
            "i absolutely love thse mugs. So comfortable to hold andso very sta ble when set down. I also love the " heft" of them in my hand. I have replaced my old mugs with Jamber ! What an exceptional product. Kudos to Allen and Diana!!"
            Patricia C.
            Here I am back again....
              "I have placed several orders for these amazing mugs over the past year and will order more I'm sure! At first I bought red and then yellow for my dad who has a physical need for an easy-to-hold mug, then ordered for my mother-in-law because she likes an all-white mug. Most recently, I bought them for me! You won't believe how comfortable they are to hold, enjoy, pop in the dishwasher, and use them again and again! Can't say enough about these beautiful, colorful, practical mugs!"
              Kate P.
              Jamber coffee mug
                "My husband has Parkinson’s and it’s now his favorite mug. Easier for him to hold."
                Terri R.
                Starter set of 4
                  "Have not opened them yet. Christmas gift"
                  Mary H.
                    "So glad they brought back the red mugs. Bought another set to give as a gift to spread the word about how great these mugs are."
                    Mary A.
                    Christmas gift
                      "Quality looks great, we will see what Mom thinks!"
                      The best
                        "We absolutely love these cups so glad y'all designed them Thank you so much.."
                        Evelyn A.
                        Jamberry Mugs
                          "Great experience. My parcel got stuck in customs with Fed Ex and they went above and beyond to resolve the issue to ensure I got my parcel. "
                          Red Jamber cups
                            "Love these red Jamber cups! Perfect cups for everyone! So easy to handle and has multiple uses.. not just coffee! Hot chocolate , soup, etc."
                            Linda E.
                            Love the Jammer mugs!
                              "Ordered two just to see if we liked them.... will be ordering couple more as soon as Possible. "
                              Charmian W.
                              my friend wrote this:
                                "thank you again for the Mug. the Mug is so great for my hand and it is weighted perfectly so it does not slip down from my grasp. (It was a gift for someone with severe arthritis)"
                                A gift for someone whose tremors deposit coffee in his lap
                                  "Thank you ! It is relatively easy to hold this cup , to enjoy my morning coffee , and to avoid sharing it with my lap !"
                                  Karen W.
                                  Love this mug!
                                    "The Big mug is my go to mug every morning. It immediately brings a smile to my face and is a great way to start the day. I love supporting this great cause. Happy to have received the set of 2 mugs so I can share the Viv love. The mugs size and functionality is an added bonus. Thank you Jamber team!"
                                    Great Mug for the Elderly and Disabled, worth every pennie
                                      "this is a Five Star mug without a doubt, I rated it a four star mug personally because it is a little expensive for seniors and the disabled. Many Elderly people and people with disabilities are strapped for cash and I think $13.00 plus shipping is expensive for a lot of people. I personally could afford four mugs and take advantage of the free shipping. So far it has been a positive review and experience with the Jamber Mug. I highly recommend spending the money for yourself or your loved ones as it is high quality and does everything it says it will do. This mug looks and feels like it will be very durable and last a long time. My wife has MS and she loves this product."
                                      Joel S.
                                      It is a gift so
                                        "It is a gift so I can't really reply adequately. They look wonderful"
                                        Marilyn K.
                                        Jamber Mugs
                                          "Good. It arrived safely."
                                          Great cups
                                            "We love our new cups. The bigger handles make holding them easier for Parkinson’s patient and arthritic hands. Will probably get more when free shipping."
                                            Joan C.
                                            Great Ergonomic Mug
                                              "The Jamber coffee mugs deliver what they promise. My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and when his meds wear off, he gets tremor that interferes with his ability to drink from a cup and use eating utensils. The Jamber mug makes drinking easier and spilling less likely. Thanks to the clever inventors! God bless you."
                                              Great cup
                                                "This has been very helpful for myself and for my husband who has parkinsons. Thank you for a great product."
                                                My Husband has Parkinson's
                                                  "My husband has had Parkinson's for 36 years. He does not have tremors, but still gets very slow and sometimes very Dyskinitic (jerky movements). He also has vision problems. He found these mugs to be great! He can hold on to them without a problem because of the large handle. He can set the mug down without spilling anything because of the balance of the mug and the handle being level with bottom of the mug. I found I like it as well. I have heard that others say they are too expensive, but you get what you pay for, and these mugs are worth every penny for us. If something makes life easier for him, then it makes life easier for me. "
                                                  Barbara L.
                                                  Just right
                                                    "I bought these mugs for my sister-in-law who has arthritis and Parkinson’s. She was delighted to have a handle she could fit her hand in and loves her new favorite coffee mugs. Thanks for thinking of a way to make it easier to hold a cup! "
                                                    Coffee mugs for my mother
                                                      "The handle is easy to grip and hold. I particularly like the little nub on the bottom of the handle to help with stability. I got these mugs for my mother who had a stroke and doesn't have much strength. She can easily tip over most glasses and mugs. Not these though as they are sturdy and have excellent balance. "
                                                        "I bought these cups for my husband who has neuropathy in his hands. He loves them! They have made his life so much easier. They are worth money. Thank you Jamber for inventing this product. "
                                                        Arlene E.
                                                        The best
                                                          "Absolutely love these cups they are a God send for us."
                                                          Evelyn A.
                                                          Coffee Cups
                                                            "They have been wonderful. Took a short while to get use to the handle (but that is what it's about). I would get more in the future!"
                                                            Jane M.
                                                            Delighted with purchase
                                                              "A friend is in a convalescent home and has trouble holding cups or drinking glasses. When I read about your Jamber coffee mugs I knew buying one for her would be the best way for me to do something helpful. She is delighted to have a mug she can hold and not be afraid of spilling her coffee. Thank you for making such a helpful product. "
                                                              Jamber Seascape Coffee Mug Gift Set Pack of 2