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"Oh - it's the handle that makes the cup feel like magic"

Gerri has always thought that other handles are too small.

At 97 years old, Gerri irons her laundry every Tuesday, and looks forward to mealtime with her friends each day. Prior to using Jamber cups, Gerri had to deal with constant hand pain when she drank from cups. “Handles are always too small for people with swollen hands like mine. Those other cups are just too painful to hold”.


Gerri can hold the Jamber cup for a long time without getting tired or dropping it.

Gerri started using the Jamber cup 12 months ago. “I can hold this cup for a long time, without getting tired, and without dropping it. Oh – it’s the handle that makes the cup feel like magic. I just love it.” Gerri went on to tell us that “coffee tastes better when I drink it from the Jamber cup.”

  - Geraldine (“Gerri”), age 97
   Resident, Queen Anne Nursing Home, Hingham, MA