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“The handle makes it so easy to drink my coffee.”

“The handle makes it so easy to drink my coffee.”

Margaret couldn’t use other cups because the handles hurt her hands too much.

Margaret’s hands are swollen, and slightly arthritic. Handles on other cups are too small, and cause her hands so much pain that she has great difficulty and pain holding onto them. She says, “I can’t use regular cups; they just hurt my hands too much.” As a result, Margaret picks up mugs and cups as little as possible.


Margaret just loves the Jamber cup.

Margaret started using the Jamber cup about 12 months ago, when Queen Anne Nursing Home purchased them for their residents. Since then, Margaret has been using the Jamber cup daily for coffee and tea. She says, “The handle makes it so easy to drink my coffee. I just love this cup.”

When asked what about the handle she likes most, she said, “My hands don’t hurt at all when I use the [Jamber] cup, which is a nice change from holding those old-fashioned cups.” She likes the 8 oz. size very much, and thinks “everyone should use it.”

  - Margaret, age 86
   Resident, Queen Anne Nursing Home, Hingham, MA