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Jamber Origins | We Started Jamber For Our Grandfather

Jamber Origins | We Started Jamber For Our Grandfather

UPDATE: We got to share our story on the TODAY SHOW in 2019 with our grandfather.  Sadly, he passed away from COVID-19 in May 2020.

We were having lunch with Allen’s grandfather a few years ago. “Papa” was Allen's childhood hero.  He's a former 82nd Airborne ARMY Ranger that was called "Hercules" in the ARMY.  He dedicated his life to public service, and he loved his morning coffee.

That day, we noticed papa struggling to pick up his cup.  We asked him, “Pap, if it's so hard to pick up your cup, how do you drink your coffee?”  The smile faded from his face, and he said, “Allen, do yourself a favor - don't get old.  Everything hurts".  

That night, as we were taking our tea out of the microwave, and trying not to burn ourselves or spill it, we realized how hard it is, even with our strong young hands, to hold a cup.  Products are just not made for hands.

We set out to solve this problem.  Allen has a bio-engineering background.  Diana has a chemistry background.  Both have worked in either the pharmaceutical or the medical device industries.  And they now have an advisory team that includes world-renown hand experts. 

We're on a mission to improve hand health for everyone.  

We offer free hand health classes to everyone, and we design or find simple everyday products that can truly improve your hand health.  


You can explore the many free classes that we offer.
And you can discover the innovative hand health products that we've invented or discovered to improve your hand health today.  

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