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A Mug That Can Reduce Hand Pain

A Mug That Can Reduce Hand Pain

A Mug That Can Reduce Hand Pain

Meet the award-winning ZenGrip Mug


More Sips, Less Strain

Enjoying your morning coffee or tea is a daily ritual that many of us enjoy.  Sometimes, this is how we start our day.  Unfortunately, as our bodies age, we become more stiff, swollen, and sore, making even the simplest of things an absolute pain!  Believe it or not, the traditional coffee mug or teacup with that dinky little handle can actually be the cause of hand pain or hand strain, and can certainly exacerbate existing hand pain.

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Regular Mugs?  No Thanks!

Oh my goodness, since when did that hurt?!!  Getting older is wonderful in that we see our children grow up, and we learn so much.  But oh my aching back and my sore hands!  Why are so many products that I use everyday not designed for my aging body?

After watching their 89 year old grandfather struggle to drink from a cup, Jamber co-founders Allen & Diana Arseneau (who both have engineering and science backgrounds) invented the ZenGrip Mug so that their grandfather could enjoy his morning coffee without pain or embarrassment. 


Allen and his grandfather


Many people will go on to develop arthritis, and some may also have Parkinson’s Disease, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, or a host of other hand conditions that make it hard to hold a cup.  In fact, holding a traditional cup puts a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on the fingers, thumb, and wrist.  And if you don't believe us, go and hold your coffee'll feel the strain and pain on the finger holding the cup, your thumb (which is stabilizing the cup), and your wrist which will be forced downward because of the leverage of the mug.


ZenGrip Mug reduces hand strain and hand pain.


In fact, more often than not, individuals living with hand pain are plagued with constant discomfort, stiffness, burning pain, weak grip, or shaky hands that make everyday tasks harder to complete.  Enjoying one’s morning coffee may sound like a trivial thing, but in fact, hydrating enough is a major issue for the older adult population.  Some studies by the National Council on Aging and UCLA have shown that upwards of 50% of older adults are chronically dehydrated.  This leads to an increase in swelling and pain.  

Having a cup that is easy and painless to hold can directly lead to increased liquid consumption and improved hydration.

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Meet The ZenGrip Mug

Blue Jamber ZenGrip Mug with steaming coffee on countertop.  The ZenGrip Mug by Jamber is a unique coffee mug and comfortable coffee mug with a large handle that is a great mug for arthritic hands and to reduce hand pain.


Designed by engineer-scientist husband-and-wife duo, Allen and Diana Arseneau, the ZenGrip Mug eases hand pain, reduces hand strain, almost eliminates any pressure on one’s thumb or wrist, and even reduces spills.  The ZenGrip Mug is an award-winning (Harvard Innovation Labs, Grand Prize Winner), patented, made in the USA, ergonomic ceramic coffee mug that will change your life.

The ZenGrip Mug is a ceramic coffee mug that was designed by hand experts.  It's a unique coffee mug that can reduce strain on your thumb, hand, and wrist.  Arguably, the best gift for coffee lovers and best gift for grandma and grandpa.

Jamber has since grown to focus on helping everyone age better, starting with their hands.  Jamber offers all sorts of free hand care classes and creates products that are designed to help your hands feel better, and more broadly help your body feel great, even as we age.

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We Designed It for My Grandfather

Grandfather enjoying his morning coffee with a ZenGrip Mug.


After watching our grandfather struggle to hold a mug, Allen & Diana, who both worked in healthcare as an engineer and scientist, respectively, decided to create a mug that their grandfather could hold.  They then spent almost 2 years analyzing the biomechanics of how mugs are held and created the ZenGrip Mug.  The rest is history.  The ZenGrip Mug went on to win awards, get featured on the TODAY SHOW, and help almost a million people have less hand pain, and be able to enjoy their coffee or tea.

Jamber grew into a hand care company, and has now expanded to include other body parts as well.  Jamber is focused on helping everyone age better.  Jamber offers lots of free hand workouts to get your body moving.  Jamber also creates and sells better-designed products, like the ZenGrip Mug, that keep our bodies feeling great as we age.

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Aging Better

Age better so we can enjoy life more.


As we age, daily activities that were once easy suddenly become more difficult, painful, and sometimes even impossible to do.  In fact, tasks as simple as eating and drinking can be labeled as challenging or distressing because our hands hurt, shake, or are weak.  We develop conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, neuropathy, trigger finger, RA, carpal tunnel, etc.  Our joints become more stiff, swollen, and sore.  Our muscles become weaker.  Getting older is not always fun.

Jamber is working to help everyone age better by offering free classes that get our bodies moving in therapeutic and easy ways, and by offering better-designed products designed to help our bodies feel their best, regardless of our age or ability, by reducing strain on our bodies.  Put simply, we believe that everyone deserves to feel great, whether your sitting down watching TV, enjoying your morning coffee, or holding your grandkids.   

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How the ZenGrip Mug Works


Traditional mugs were designed to hold liquid.  The ZenGrip Mug was designed to be held.  This is an enormous difference.  The ZenGrip Mug was specifically designed to reduce hand pain and hand strain, and provide optimal comfort.  The ZenGrip handle is a truly ergonomic design that puts one’s hand into a natural hand position (which is an anatomically neutral hand position in which the hand, wrist, and arm are properly aligned), and allows for a whole-hand 4-finger grip.  The benefits of this design are that the weight of the cup and contents are not put solely on one’s finger joint, which in turn strains the thumb and wrist, as is true with traditional cups.  Instead, the ZenGrip Mug’s design places that weight up into the large non-fatiguing muscles of the forearm.  This drastically reduces or eliminates the strain on one’s fingers, thumb, and wrist.  The ZenGrip Mug is held with a strong power-grip, which is the strongest grip, as compared to a weak pinch grip how you hold a traditional mug.  In addition, the ZenGrip Mug has a handle kickstand which reduces spills when the cup is set down on the table.

In addition to these ergonomic features, the ZenGrip Mug is made of durable ceramic material, so it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.  Their made in the USA, and come with a LOVE IT guarantee. 

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Chronic Dehydration is a Huge Problem

According the the National Center on Aging and UCLA, upwards of 40% of older adults are chronically dehydrated.   This leads to increased inflammation and pain.  Simply drinking more, like 7-12 cups of water or anti-inflammatory tea per day, can greatly reduce pain and swelling.

So take a sip, relax, and enjoy your morning beverage - pain free.

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Hear From Real People





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About the author

Allen Arseneau 

Allen Arseneau

Allen is the CEO and co-founder of Jamber, which he co-founded with his wife, Diana.  Allen is passionate about helping people live healthier & happier lives. Allen spends his free time with his wonderful wife and 3 children, and enjoys hiking and camping with his family.  Allen is also very involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization, having been a Little Brother himself, and now a Big Brother. 

Prior to founding Jamber, Allen worked as a bio-engineer in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and has worked with tennis stars Andre Agassi and Stephanie Graf.  Allen has earned a degree in bio-chemical engineering from Northeastern University and an MBA from Stanford University. 


About Jamber

Jamber is a hand care company, focused on helping everyone have happier & healthier hands.  Jamber offers hand care products, and free hand care classes to help relieve hand pain and increase hand strength.

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