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Squeeze Away Your Hand Pain

Squeeze Away Your Hand Pain

Squeeze Away Your Hand Pain with a Hand Warming Grippie

Pain, Pain Go Away! 


Hand arthritis pain is often described as a “burning sensation”.  In most cases, the pain is experienced where your thumb meets your wrist, or in certain fingers.  One way to reduce your hand pain is to stimulate healing in your joints.  You can do this by increasing blood circulation and synovial fluid circulation in your hands.  Increased blood flow brings heat and nutrients to tissues.  Synovial fluid, known as joint fluid, brings joint lubrication and healing nutrients to the joints.   

A great way to do this is by using a Hand Warming Grippie.  The Grippie is specially designed to warm and soothe hands, increase hand strength, and increase hand mobility. 

** In other words, simply squeezing a warmed-up Hand Warming Grippie can lead to a dramatic decrease in hand pain and hand stiffness, and greatly increase hand strength. 

 Hand Warming Grippie can reduce your hand pain

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Hand Warming Grippie? 

There are so many benefits of using a Hand Warming Grippie!  You can use it for hand exercises, for grip strengthening exercises, for hand pain relief, as a stress reliever, or as a hand warmer. 

Bonus: Hand Warming Grippies aren’t just for our warming our hands; Use it to warm up neck, shoulder, back, and legs oh my! 

However, the biggest benefit of using a Hand Warming Grippie is that it can serve as hand pain treatment for inflammation.  Research indicates that using heat therapies, such as the Hand Warming Grippie, can aid tremendously with relaxing stiff muscles/joints, increasing blood circulation, and producing and circulating synovial fluid. 

It’s important to note that talking to your doctor or occupational therapist is recommended before trying heat therapies to ensure that this is a safe and  beneficial hand pain treatment for you. 


Start Off with Warm Ups! 

To further reduce hand pain (and increase hand strength), we'll go over a few easy hand exercises that you can try with a warmed-up Grippie (just put your Grippie in the microwave for 1-2 minutes). 

Remember, practicing good hand health ensures the long-term results that you’re looking for.  According to the Mayo Clinic, warming up before exercise can not only reduce the risk of injury, but also make the exercises more effective. 

1. Put your Hand Warming Grippie in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, then hold in your hands and squeeze for 3 minutes.  You'll be amazed how warm and strong your hands feel.

2. Rub your hands together, creating friction.  Rub the tops, and rub the bottoms.  If you prefer, you can use your favorite pain cream.  We love FeelGoodLabs Natural Pain Cream.

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3. More simply, you can just hold a warm drink in your hands until your hands are nice and warm.   

 Attractive woman holding a cup of coffee, warming up her hands.


Next Up, 3 Grip Exercises

Now it’s time for some hand grip exercises!  Be sure to use your warmed up Grippie (put in microwave for 1-2 minutes, and re-warm as needed!), as this will really help your hands feel stronger, happier and healthier. 


1. Power Squeeze:

We’re gonna start off with a classic hand exercise - a power squeeze!  This hand  exercise is perfect for strengthening our hand muscles while focusing on relieving hand pain.

Place each hand on the opposite side of your Grippie. Then, while taking in a deep breath, squeeze the Grippie as hard as you can for a 3 second hold (a deep breath), then exhale and release your power squeeze. Repeat this hand exercise at least 4-5x, once a day for optimal results.  You will be shocked at how great your hands feel in a matter of a few weeks!



2. Power Twist: 

For this grip strength exercise, you'll need a towel that you can twist.  This hand grip exercise is perfect for targeting strength and power!  Twist a towel, and then hold it, spacing your hands about 12-inches apart. 

Then, twist and wring the towel, just like you would do when wringing wet clothing.  Hold for 1 deep breath. 

Then twist in the opposite direction. 

Repeat both sides 2-4x.

 Power twist

3. Grippie Rolls (a hand massage): 

This hand exercise is more of a hand massage to cool down from those power hand grip exercises!  It’s also great for relieving any residual hand pain in your joints and muscles.

You may have to re-heat your Grippie.  Simply place your warmed Grippie on a flat and stable surface  (like on a table), and then roll the Grippie back and forth with both of your hands 5-10x, putting gentle pressure against the Grippie to get a deep massage on your muscles and joints.  Do this with your palms first, and then repeat it using the backs of your hands.


    Visual learner? 

    No problem!   Check out one of our free Hand Yoga classes, which will take you through these and many other hand exercises in a guided hand workout. 

    Here's a replay from a LIVESTREAMED Hand Yoga class (free, every Tue & Thu).



    Discomfort, be gone!

    Arthritis and general hand pain have long been known to stop people from engaging in their everyday tasks.  Luckily, we’ve found different ways to combat that discomfort so that you can take control of your life again, without hand pain.  Whether through exercises, Hand Warming Grippies, or a Natural Pain Cream,  there are simple, natural, and easy ways to reduce hand pain!  



    About the author

    Elisah Gelladuga, COTA 

    Elisah Gelladuga is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant working in Houston

    Elisah Gelladuga is a Pediatric Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant working in Houston, Texas. Elisah is currently an Honors Student finishing her second degree in Professional Studies at Texas Woman’s University with hopes to move forward with a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy next year. 

    Elisah has previously worked as a social media director, contributing writer, and loves working with children to help them live optimal, independent lives. 


    About Jamber

    Jamber is a hand care company, focused on helping everyone have happier & healthier hands.  Jamber offers hand care products, and free hand care classes to help relieve hand pain and increase hand strength.




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