9 Reasons People With Parkinson's Love The Zengrip Mug

Having Parkinson's Disease stinks!  Hand tremors and muscle stiffness can make drinking from a cup difficult and embarrassing.  The ZenGrip Mug was designed by a team of scientists to be extremely easy to hold, to reduce the "bullwhip" effect of a tremor, and reduce spills.  Our hope is that drinking from a ZenGrip gives you dignity back, and allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks, staying more hydrated.

Here are 9 reasons why you need the ZenGrip Mug in your life:

1. Designed with science to be 10x easier to hold

Our team of scientists, engineers, an occupational therapist, and a hand surgeon worked on the ZenGrip.  The ZenGrip has a large, easy-to-grip handle that is held with a power trip - the easiest grip for a human hand to grasp.  This means that even with a tremor or weak grip, you'll have a secure hold of the mug.

2. The Ergonomic Mug for Comfortable Sipping

The unique ergonomic design reduces strain on your fingers, wrist, and arm.  That's because holding a ZenGrip puts your hand into a natural hand position, which allows for proper alignment and weight distribution away from your finger and thumb joints.

3. Fewer Spills with Handle Kickstand

We invented the Handle Kickstand that can reduce spills when you set the mug down on the table.  Stop worrying about spills or drops, and start enjoying your coffee again!

4. "Best Money I Ever Spent!"

"I'm not worried about spilling my coffee anymore.  My ZenGrip changed my life.  It was the best money I've ever spent.  Thank you so much Jamber! ❤️ "

- Sue R.

5. Recommended by Hand Surgeon & Occupational Therapist

The ZenGrip is recommended by medical professionals because of how effective it is at reducing hand strain while you drink, and for being so easy to grasp, even with a Parkinson's tremor.  

6. For More Than Just Coffee 

This all-purpose mug is perfect for any beverage, hot or cold, including soup!  See how easy it is to hold it!

7. Dishwasher-safe & Microwave-safe

The ZenGrip Mug is designed for everyday use.  It's dishwasher safe and microwave safe.  It's even oven safe to 450 degF.

8. The 365-Day Guarantee

We are so confident that you will LOVE your ZenGrip that we offer a 365-day guarantee.  If you don't love it, we'll make it very easy to return it.

9. The Perfect Gift for Loved Ones with Hand Pain

The ZenGrip Mug makes for the perfect gift for loved ones who struggle with hand pain or a weak grip. It's an affordable and practical product that can improve their quality of life.

Debbie & Christine share their experience of drinking with Parkinson's

Christine has Parkinson's and Arthritis.  Her ZenGrip lets her drink without spilling or dropping.

Debbie has Parkinson's.  Her ZenGrip changed her life...no more embarrassing spills.