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Jamber - What's in a name?

Jamber - What's in a name?

People often ask us "what does Jamber mean?"

"Jamber" is a coined word meant to be fun.  Jamber products are designed with math, science, and bio-engineering to create what we consider the best coffee mug ever designed, but we wanted our name to reflect the fun feeling of “Jambering” together with your friends, or enjoying a peaceful moment by yourself.

We strive to be innovative, kind, fun, and vibrant.  And we chose a name to reflect just that. We hope Jamber helps you enjoy all of the small, fun moments in life.

So remember, keep on Jambering!

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Patricia - July 15, 2021

I bought a few of your wonderful mugs. Friends who received them, love them. I must pass on one comment from a priest friend of mine. He has some arthritis and gout in a finger. He sent me a text to say that the Jamber mug is a daily blessing. You are being prayed for every day tht he uses it. God bless.

Donne Cutting - July 15, 2021

Due to a Neuromusclar Disorder my muscles are deteriorating and eventually dying. This has resulted in among other issues my lose of finger strength and dexterity which impacts my ability to hold a hot coffee cup handle as my fingers are in direct impact with the hot coffee cup exterior. Yes, holding with 2 hands is no better.
I’m now able to enjoy hot coffee with the Jamber 12oz. Coffee Mug as my fingers are no longer touching the hot coffee cup.

Thank you to Diana and Allen for their: caring, vision and abilities to help those of us who require assistive devices to improve our daily living.


Dorothye B. Knox - July 15, 2021

Thanks for the information, would love a copy of your catalog,

Elisa White - July 15, 2021

I’m CNA working with elderly in there homes, I notice this cup online I think that it will help my mother and some of my clients, I was wondering how to get them and the price?
Thank you!

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