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The Real Meaning of Mother’s Day

by Allen Arseneau May 07, 2018

The Real Meaning of Mother’s Day

This posting is to say THANK YOU to every woman out there who is a mom. Without you, there would be no human species. Thank you.

My wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 9 months ago. I helped however I could, and I was there to catch our baby as he came out (I thought I was going to drop him!).  As all parents can agree, children are a miracle and we are so thankful.

To all of the extraordinary moms out there – those who dedicate themselves to nurturing and caring for their kids - thank you.  It’s a huge job and responsibility, and a wonderful one. Obviously, if moms were not willing to give up so much to have and raise children, our world would be gone.

We think Jamber is the best Mother's Day gift....because she will enjoy those cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate ever more, and she will think of you.  :)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms!!!

Allen Arseneau
Allen Arseneau

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