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Benchmark Senior Living Introduces Jamber’s Arthritis-Friendly Diningware for Seniors

Benchmark Senior Living Introduces Jamber’s Arthritis-Friendly Diningware for Seniors

WALTHAM, Mass. – June 14, 2016 – Bringing the joy back to mealtime for seniors and arthritis sufferers is the idea behind a new ergonomic coffee mug and tea cup developed by Jamber and successfully adopted by Benchmark Senior Living. The JamberTM cup offers a new approach to solve a problem that nearly every senior living community faces: seniors and arthritis sufferers experience hand pain when holding onto cups, often resulting in spills, embarrassment and even chronic dehydration. As Jamber’s first customer, and a leader in senior living innovation, Benchmark Senior Living is the first to integrate Jamber’s products into its senior living dining program and to bring about yet another enhancement to the award-winning Benchmark Dining Experience.


The collaboration brings together two companies that are focused on improving the experience of aging and senior living. Based in Waltham, Mass., Benchmark Senior Living is the largest provider of senior living services based in the Northeast. Jamber, headquartered in Hull, Mass., is a newly formed start-up founded by a husband-and-wife team whose company and products were created in response to seeing family members struggle with traditional coffee mugs and tea cups.


“Jamber’s mission is to create everyday products that truly make life easier for seniors,” says Allen Arseneau, Jamber’s co-founder. Jamber’s first products – ceramic mugs and cups – solve a widespread and largely unaddressed problem for many seniors. Jamber’s tea cup and coffee mug, which are patented and patent pending, feature ergonomically designed handles that make them extremely easy and comfortable to hold, even for users with arthritic, swollen or deformed hands.


As a team of scientists and engineers, Jamber is sensitive to both the function and the look of their products. “Wouldn’t it be great to hand your mom or grandma something that reduces the painful grip AND looks like a product that a sophisticated adult would use?” says Jamber co-founder Diana Arseneau. Jamber has done just that, through two years of design, testing and engagement with its top medical advisor, Dr. Karen Jacobs, the former president of the American Occupational Therapy Association and Clinical Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Boston University's College of Health and Rehabilitative Sciences. “We are thrilled to bring Jamber cups to Benchmark Senior Living,” Diana adds.


“As America’s seniors grow in numbers, they will be looking for products like the Jamber cup and other adaptiveware to help them live a lifestyle of possibilities, not limitations,” says Guy Hemond, Vice President of Culinary, Dining Experience and Facilities Operations at Benchmark Senior Living. “Today's seniors have a positive attitude: stay active, keep learning, develop relationships and have fun. The Jamber cup coincides with the personalized dining experience we deliver at Benchmark Senior Living.”


Jamber’s products are a welcome addition to Benchmark’s dining program, which has won awards for culinary excellence and its special dining program for the memory impaired called Dining with Dignity. “In creating Dining with Dignity, we changed every detail of the dining experience, from the color of the plates, to the atmosphere, to the appealing menu designed by our chefs, to provide residents with the nutrition they need, and the relaxing experience that makes mealtime a favorite part of the day. The Jamber cup and the details of its ergonomic design fit perfectly with our view that seniors can have an enjoyable dining experience whatever their hand gripping abilities.”


Benchmark plans to introduce Jamber cups to all 53 of its senior living communities. At present, Jamber offers an 8 oz. tea cup with a flared lip, a 12 oz. coffee mug, and 16 oz. coffee mug. The mugs and cups are available for order by contacting Jamber.


About Jamber

Jamber is a consumer product company based in Hull, Mass., with a mission to create products that make life easier for seniors through science-driven design. The company’s first products are coffee mugs and tea cups with a new handle that makes drinking extremely easy and comfortable. To learn more, visit Jamber at


About Benchmark Senior Living

Based in Waltham, Mass., Benchmark Senior Living is the leading provider of senior living services based in the Northeast. The company operates 53 senior living communities, and offers independent living, assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation services and skilled nursing, in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. Visit Benchmark at



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