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Vivian Mug

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Dove White
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5-yr Old Vivian Loves Princesses 

Vivian is a silly, loving big sister and inspiration to us all.  Viv loves princesses and chocolate ice-cream, and has the sweetest smile and a gentle soul.

Vivian Battles Cancer

In July 2017, Viv was diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer, with about 700 new cases each year in the United States.

Viv is one tough cookie and is kicking cancer's butt with every treatment and surgery.

$2 Donation For Every Vivian Sold

We can all show our support and make a difference in Viv's life.  Jamber is donating $2 to Viv's family for every Vivian Mug sold.  Our goal is to donate $100,000 in 2018, by selling 50,000 Vivian Mugs. Please help us achieve this goal!

Anyone can purchase a Vivian Mug - and you will feel good with every morning’s cup of coffee, knowing the product that makes your hand feel so good will also warm your heart.

How Jamber Met Vivian

We started chatting with a customer named Scott over email and learned that his oldest child, Vivian, s a 5-year old little girl battling Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma. It’s a battle that no child should ever have to fight.

After learning about Vivian, we did what any mug company would do... we made a special mug just for her and included it as a surprise in her dad's order! Our daughter (who is 11 years old) suggested that Vivian would love flowers, a princess crown, and her name on the mug. She was right! This mug has become Vivian's go-to ice cream mug.

We started Jamber to help people and we were so moved by Vivian’s story - by Scott’s positivity and faith, and Vivian’s strength, that we wanted to do what we could to help.

Jamber - The Most Comfortable Mug Ever 

1.  The Jamber Mug Makes You Feel Good

Jamber mugs have been engineered to help you feel good.

-  The most comfortable mug you'll ever hold
-  The easiest mug you'll ever pick up
-  The coolest looking mug you'll ever see

    2.  Bio-Engineered for Perfection

    Other mugs were designed 5,000 years cavemen!!!  (well, maybe not actual cavemen)

    Jamber Mugs were designed by bio-engineers and scientists, using biomechanics and 3D printing. 

    Why return to the Stone Age when you can use Jamber today?!

    3.  Made in the USA

    Jamber is proudly made in the USA, in a factory that is owned and operated by a service-disabled Vietnam Veteran. 

    (our amazing manufacturer has 3 Purple Hearts!) 

    4.  Product Details

    Size: 12 oz., 16oz.
    Colors: Dove White
    Vivian Design: Pink & Purple crown, NOT dishwasher safe
    Material: Industrial-grade ceramic 
    -  Durable (mug only): Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe, Freezer safe, Oven safe, Lead-free
    Origin: Made in USA

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      Snow W.
      United States

      We love Jamber mugs!

      These are our favorite mugs by far! We order for our family and friends as birthdays happen. Our goal is that we will all be drinking from the SAME cup. Our favorite is the “Vivi” as it reminds us to pray and be thankful for LIFE and the imagination and JOY of a child! The customer service is THE BEST!!

      Andreana M.
      United States

      What a Blessing!

      Seriously, the Jamber mug is a treasure for anyone who needs to drink anything! I have some tendon issues in my hands and wrists and before Jamber I spent considerable time washing coffee off of my shoes, floors and clothing. In addition, other mugs and glasses were difficult, uncomfortable or painful to use. Now I find I am drinking a little too much coffee (LOL!) and spilling nothing. I will be pleased to send these as gifts. Also, please go to Viv’s site and read about her journey. She is an amazing, remarkable little lady. Thank you Diana & Allen! YAY JAMBER !

      United States

      Great mug...

      I love this little mug. I have searched for a nice small mug. Extra happy that Vivian made the design.



      I have purchased these as gifts and can't wait to give them at Christmas. They are fabulous and the service getting them was wonderful! Will be their favorite mug for sure!

      Michael B.
      United States

      my wife loves these mugs!

      My wife saw the Globe article and asked me for 2 Vivians, 1 Admiral and 1 Moroccan. Delayed due to flood of orders, but SO worth the wait! She LOVES them! They are her go-to mugs for daily tea.

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