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Insights into Hand Health.

Medical research is shining new light on the importance of our hand health.

5 surprising benefits of hand yoga.

1. Hand yoga can reduce hand pain.

Doing hand yoga helps to stretch and strengthen hands, get blood flowing, get synovial fluid flowing, and increase grip strength. Each of these things can reduce hand pain.


2. Grip strength can lower blood pressure.

In multiple studies, including an AARP study in 2013, researchers found that improving grip strength can lower blood pressure by as much as 10%.


3. Grip strength can be a better indicator of heart health than blood pressure.

Research strongly suggests that hand grip strength can be a better indicator of longevity of life, cardiovascular health, heart attacks and strokes, and overall quality of life than blood pressure or physical activity level.


4. Grip strength correlates to higher quality of life.

Research has shown a strong positive correlation between quality of life and grip strength.


5. Hand health improves hand beauty.

Research has suggested that improving your hand health and grip strength can keep your hands looking, feeling, and working younger.


From the experts.

Hand Surgeon recommends ZenGrip Mug for reduced hand pain.

The ZenGrip Mug is highly effective at reducing muscle tension required to hold a mug. I use one every day. Many of my patients comment on its ease of use and comfort.

Arnold Peter Weiss, M.D.

Hand Surgeon

Karen Jacobs, occupational therapist

Hand care is so important to our quality of life and ability to function. Jamber's classes and products are helping to make hands healthier, which in turn is enhancing quality of life.

Karen Jacobs, OT, EdD, OTR, CPE, FAOTA

Occupational Therapist

Elisah G. occupational therapist believes that Jamber hand care is great for hand pain treatment.

I highly recommend Jamber's products and classes. These exercises and hand care products can reduce or even prevent many hand injuries or hand conditions later.

Elisah Gelladuga

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Why made for hands.