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    A mug for Parkinson's

    Exceptionally easy to hold

    The first mug designed to be held in your hands.

    The Jamber design team includes the world's leading hand surgeon, and the nation's top occupational therapist, bio-engineers, and scientists. 

    How Jamber works

    We're obsessed with hands.  We spent 2.5 years analyzing the bio-mechanics of how hands work.

    We create products that increase hand gripability and decrease hand strain, so that you (and anyone) can easily use them.  

    Our Parkinson's customers tell us everyday how much their lives have improved by using a Jamber mug.  They drink more, have less hand pain, and have increased confidence.

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    Benefits to customers with Parkinson's

    (1,000 five-star reviews) 

    Hold with confidence

    "Purchased Jamber mugs for my dad who has Parkinson's.

    He LOVES them!  They're so much easier to hold than a traditional mug, and he feels more secure."
    - Rosemary H.

    Drink with confidence

    "Meg has been fighting Parkinson's for 15+ years now .... She loves the Jamber Mugs! Hasn't spilled a drop since we bought the set!"
    - Rob A.

    Set down with confidence

    "My dad (with Parkinson’s) loves how the mug is so stable when he sets it down."


    TODAY SHOW (3:06 min)

    We got to share why we started Jamber - to create a mug that our grandfather could hold without pain.

    Watch Helen, Bette, & Marie use Jamber mugs for the first time (41 sec)