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A mug for Parkinson's

Approved by Top Occupational Therapist

The Jamber mug has been approved and endorsed by Dr. Arnold-Peter Weiss, a world famous orthopedic hand surgeon, and Karen Jacobs, the former president of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

How Jamber works

We're obsessed with hands.  We spent 2.5 years analyzing the bio-mechanics of how hands work.

We create products that increase hand gripability and decrease hand strain, so that almost any hand can easily hold them.  

Our Parkinson's customers tell us often how much their lives have improved by using a Jamber mug.  We hear them tell us that they drink more, have less hand pain, and more confidence.

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Benefits to customers with Parkinson's

(1,000 five-star reviews) 

Hold with confidence

"Purchased Jamber mugs for my dad who has Parkinson's.

He LOVES them!  They're so much easier to hold than a traditional mug, and he feels more secure."
- Rosemary H.

Drink with confidence

"Meg has been fighting Parkinson's for 15+ years now .... She loves the Jamber Mugs! Hasn't spilled a drop since we bought the set!"
- Rob A.

Set down with confidence

"My dad (with Parkinson’s) loves how the mug is so stable when he sets it down."


Parkinson's Reviews

"I've had Parkinson's for 20 years.  I can finally hold a cup without spilling."  
Carol F. (Houston, TX)


"I have Parkinson's.  I LOVE my Jamber mugs because they're so easy to hold and no more worry of dropping. I haveso much more confidence to hold a mug. " 
- Leigh H. (Bartlesville, OK)


"I have Parkinson's and my Jamber mug makes it so much easier to hold a cup with almost no pain at all. Love this cup."  
- Lanoma A. (San Antonio, TX)

TODAY SHOW (3:06 min)

We got to share why we started Jamber - to create a mug that our grandfather could hold without pain.

Parkinson's Products - stylish non spill cups for adults

Those dealing with Parkinson’s Disease or Essential Tremors are confronted with a host of obstacles with everyday daily tasks that most of us don’t often think about. Luckily, many Parkinson’s products are being developed today that truly make life easier; one such example are coffee mugs for people with Parkinson’s Disease. With Parkinson’s, the simple things, like enjoying a cup of coffee, or even more simply self-hydrating, often become difficult. Everyone, including people with Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor, should be able to enjoy the day with Parkinson’s products that work for them, like the best Parkinson’s mug or non spill cups for adults, or a drinking cup for the disabled. Many medical and engineering professionals are working on creating new Parkinson’s Products everyday to make life easier for those with Parkinson’s, in the same way that products for tremors are being designed. One such Parkinson’s Product is the Jamber Parkinson’s Mug, which is top ranked among the best cups for Parkinsons. It is a Parkinson’s coffee cup that makes picking up a cup so much easier, even with a tremor, because they are better non spill cups for adults. If you are looking for a Parkinson’s mug, a Parkinson’s coffee cup, a Parkinson’s coffee mug, a no spill coffee cup for Parkinsons, a weighted cup for Parkinsons, or even a Parkinson’s Disease mug, you should consider a Jamber mug. The Jamber mug is also a wonderful drinking cup for the disabled, because it is stylish, beautiful, durable, and is made in the USA. The Jamber mug is a perfect Parkinson’s mug and hand steady mug, making it one of the best cups for Parkinsons ever designed.

In fact, these non spill cups for adults, or Parkinson’s Disease mugs, are used by those with Parkinson’s all over the country, as a drinking cup for the disabled and a hand steady mug. Jamber mugs are innovative and forward-thinking Parkinson’s products. Jamber mugs are fantastic drinking cups for the disabled, and are obviously a great hand steady mug if you’re seeking products for tremors, or for those with Essential Tremor. In fact, the Jamber mug is the best coffee mug for shaking hands since it allows you to grip the mug in a firm power grip hand position, which is the easiest grip for a human hand to hold. Jamber’s design team are creating inventions to help those with Parkinson’s Disease, particularly by creating the best Parkinson’s coffee cup and the best Parkinson’s coffee mug. The Jamber mug is also the best mug for essential tremor. If you’re searching for the best coffee mugs for people with Parkinson’s Disease, you cannot go wrong with a Jamber mug.

Many people with Parkinson’s Disease feel forced into purchasing a sippy cup for Parkinsons, a weighted cup for Parkinsons, or some other no spill cup for Parkinsons or non spill cups for adults, instead of purchasing a Parkinson’s Disease mug that was designed to be an optimal drinking vessel for those with Parkinson’s. The Jamber mug is so much more than just a sippy cup for Parkinsons, a weighted cup for Parkinsons, or a coffee mug for shaking hands. The Jamber mug, with it’s smart design and extensive usage by those with Parkinson’s, is truly one of the best Parkinson's products and a wonderful Parkinson’s coffee cup and Parkinson’s coffee mug. The Jamber mug is considered among the best cups for Parkinsons, and is the best no spill cup for Parkinsons. If you’re seeking non spill cups for adults or drinking cups for the disabled, then the Jamber mug is your best option. The Jamber mug is also considered a fantastic mug for essential tremors since it is so easy to grip the Jamber mug and set it down with confidence.

Inventions to help Parkinson’s disease should include products that are enjoyable to use, and are affordable to anyone. Coffee mugs for people with Parkinson’s can be a great gift to anyone with Parkinson’s, especially as a solution for Parkinson’s products, such as no spill cup for Parkinsons, sippy cup for Parkinsons, mug for essential tremor, or other products for tremors or Parkinson’s products.

Remember, we offer a LOVE IT guarantee (free returns, hassle-free) and free shipping on all U.S. orders, so buy a set of Jamber mugs today and have them shipped, no-risk, for free. Jamber mugs are also made in the USA, are microwave safe and are dishwasher safe.