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Jamber Coffee Mugs | World's Most Comfortable Mug
Jamber Coffee Mugs | World's Most Comfortable Mug

World's Most Comfortable Mug

A modern ceramic coffee mug made to be held. A large handle designed to fit all four fingers comfortably, removing pressure from fingertips, for a luxuriously comfortable drinking experience.

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Review from Parkinson's Customer

"I have Parkinson's.  I LOVE my Jamber mugs because they're so easy to hold, no more hand pain, and no more worry of dropping. I have more confidence to hold a mug. " 
❤️ -Leigh H. (Bartlesville, OK)

Happy & Healthy Hands

We're obsessed with hands.  We spent 2.5 years analyzing the bio-mechanics of how hands work.

We create products that increase hand gripability and decrease hand strain, so that almost any hand can easily hold them.  

Our Parkinson's customers tell us often how much their lives have improved by using a Jamber mug.  We hear them tell us that they drink more, have less hand pain, and more confidence.

Secure Grip. Fewer Spills.

Quick overview of why it works so well.

Best Cup for Parkinson's | Parkinson's Rock Steady Fighters
Best Cup for Parkinson's | Parkinson's Rock Steady Fighters

A Dignified Parkinson’s Cup

The Jamber mug, a new cup for Parkinson’s patients, is the most effective Parkinson’s cup available on the market today.Well-designed drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients can be life changing, but they shouldn't also be embarrassing. Jamber mugs are designed for everyone, both old and young. For strong hands, and for weak hands. For steady hands, and for shaky hands. The Jamber mugs are wonderful Parkinsons products because they meet a need, without sacrificing dignity. The Jamber mug is a ceramic mug, made in the USA, that holds 12 oz. or 14 oz. of liquid, and is simply a beautiful ceramic Parkinson’s cup that’s easy to hold and comfortable. The Jamber Parkinson’s drinking cup has a patented ergonomic mug handle and was designed in collaboration with a top hand surgeon and occupational therapist. It has transformed drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients. The Jamber Parkinson’s cup is a coffee cup for Parkinson’s patients that makes drinking easy and joyful, regardless of age or ability. This Parkinson’s coffee cup is great for hot drinks, cold drinks, and even soups. It helps keep you more hydrated throughout the day because you can easily drink water or any beverage. Parkinsons products, including drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients, are often embarrassing, but not the Jamber Parkinson’s coffee cup.

Parkinsons products, especially Parkinson’s drinking cups, need to work. Tremors lead to difficulty in drinking, embarrassment, dangerous spills, and frustration. Parkinson’s drinking cups should make drinking easier, but often these drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients are just cheap, embarrassing sippy cups. The best Parkinson’s coffeecup should make you feel confident and healthy. The best coffee cups forParkinson’s patients and the best drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients should be easy to hold and beautiful. The Jamber mug is the best coffee cup forParkinson’s because it’s more than just a Parkinson’s coffee cup. It’s simply the best cup for Parkinson’s patients on the market! So, if you’re looking for great Parkinsons products, or in search of a cup for Parkinson’s patients, then you should try the Jamber coffee cup for Parkinson’s – it will make drinking any beverage easy and joyful.