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Coffee Mug for Parkinson's

10x easier to hold. Comfortable and stable in your hand.

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Better Grip

Science-based design.

Fewer Spills

Have more confidence.

Perfect for Parkinson's.

Perfect for Parkinson's.

- Up to 10x easier to hold than traditional cup

- Fewer spills when holding or setting down

- Reduces strain on hand, fingers, & thumb

- Dishwasher & microwave-safe

Hand Surgeon Approved.

Hand Surgeon Approved.

"The ZenGrip Mug is highly effective at reducing muscle tension required to hold a mug. I use one every day. Many of my patients comment on its ease of use and comfort."

- A. Peter Weiss, M.D.
Hand Surgeon

Parkinson's Relief. A True Story.

Living with Parkinson's & Arthritis.

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