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Each class is designed to improve your hand health in a fun and dynamic online class setting.

All classes are FREE, are done LIVE every week, and are recorded on YouTube.

Jamber Class Schedule

Hand Yoga

Free, 15-min class to stretch your hands, fingers, thumb, and wrist. We end with a 5-minute hand massage

Recommended equipment:
- Natural Hand Therapy Oil

- Tue (11:30am & 2:30p ET)
- Fri (11:30am & 2:30p ET)

Hand Massage

We end each Hand Yoga session with a 5 minute therapeutic hand massage.

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Meditation / Baoding Balls

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Grip Strength Training

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What People Are Saying


“Hand Yoga is the highlight of my day. I have hand arthritis, and this is a godsend!”

Linda T.

Pensacola, FL


"Hand Yoga really helps my neuropathy. My hands have not felt this good in a long time."

Karen N.

Port Washington, NY