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    Hand Yoga

    Each short video goes over 3 simple exercises to stretch and strengthen your thumb, wrist, forearm, or fingers.

    - Hold each position for 5 sec
    - Take deep breaths & relax
    - It only takes 5 minutes!

    Jamber Hand Yoga #1

    1. "Thumb Wave"

    2. "Motorcycle"

    3. "Climbing Hands"

    Jamber Hand Yoga #2

    1. "Sticky Fingers"

    2. "Over Easy"

    3. "Giddy Up"

    Jamber Hand Yoga #3

    1. "Point North Stretch Bent"

    2. "Point North Stretch Straight"

    3. "Point South Stretch Bent"

    4. "Point South Stretch Straight"

    Jamber Hand Yoga #4

    1. "Thumb Curl" 

    2. "Finger Lift"

    3. "Motorcycle" 

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