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Hand Yoga

Jamber is committed to helping make your hands HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER, so that you can have a more joyful life.

In addition to designing products that are made to be held, we also offer FREE Hand Yoga classes that will leave your hands feeling stronger and healthier.

We do hand yoga as a group, using Zoom. In a class, we'll do 3-4 simple exercises together that will leave your hands feeling stronger and younger.

Cost:  Free
Length:  15 minutes
When:   Every Tue & Fri @ 11:30am ET
How:  LIVE sessions over Zoom

Full Length Hand Yoga Classes

Full Hand Yoga - Session 1

Follow along in this full 10-min hand yoga session, as we cover our 3 core exercises for stronger and healthier hands.

1. Motorcycle

2. Climbing Hands

3. Giddy Up

Full Hand Yoga - Session 2

Follow along this full Hand Yoga session as we focus on these three exercises:

1. Climbing Hands

2. Jazzy Hands

3. Sticky Fingers

Learn the Exercises

Hand Yoga Exercises #1

1. "Thumb Wave"

2. "Motorcycle"

3. "Climbing Hands"

Hand Yoga Exercises #2

1. "Sticky Fingers"

2. "Over Easy"

3. "Giddy Up"

Hand Yoga Exercises #3

1. "Point North Stretch Bent"

2. "Point North Stretch Straight"

3. "Point South Stretch Bent"

4. "Point South Stretch Straight"

Hand Yoga Exercises #4

1. "Thumb Curl" 

2. "Finger Lift"

3. "Motorcycle" 

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