Hand Yoga | Frequently Asked Questions

Jamber Hand Yoga combines proven hand exercises with deep breathing.

This includes stretching tendons, tight tissues, thumbs, and wrists. We end each class with a 5-minute hand massage. Your hands are left feeling invigorated, stronger, looser, and happier.

Jamber Hand Dexterity Class improves your hand and finger dexterity by doing 1-minute and 2-minute Baoding ball drills. Over time you'll experience greater control of your hands.

Grip Strength Class is all about increasing your grip strength. We use simple materials, such as a Hand Warming Grippie and a Grip Strength Set, to work our flexor and extensor tendons and muscles.

Research has shown that having stronger, healthier hands is linked to greater cardiovascular health, increased longevity, and lower blood pressure.

In addition to these whole-body benefits, there are also many benefits to your hands, such as increased range of motion, increased grip strength, and reduced hand pain.

So, please join us for a hand health class. They're free, easy, and fun. And best of all, your health will improve!

Jamber Hand Health classes are great for almost everyone, especially if you have weak, sore, or shaky hands.

Hand Yoga is great for you if you have:

- Arthritis
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Trigger finger
- Carpal tunnel
- Tendonitis
- Thumb pain
- Dupuytren's contracture
- Parkinson's Disease
- Neuropathy

There are 3 ways to watch a Jamber class:

(1) LIVE using Zoom. Sign Up.

(2) LIVE on Facebook.

(3) Pre-recorded on YouTube.

Hand Yoga: Tuesday & Friday @ 11:30a.

NOTE: times are in Eastern Time


Classes are actually free.

Our mission is to help improve everyone's hand health. The free classes allow us to fulfill this mission.

We hope that you check out some of our award-winning hand care products (many of which we invent). Sales of these products is what keeps Jamber going.

If you are a company or organization, or are looking to do a private Hand Yoga class, then please contact us for pricing.


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