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Create Your Testimonial Video in 10 minutes

Thank you for making a video testimonial. We hope you love your Jamber mugs!

Here's a video of exactly how to use your smart phone to make a great testimonial video.

Below the video, you'll find the step-by-step instructions.

What to say in the video

(here are some questions to guide your video): 

- Tell us your name?  (first name is fine)

- Do you have a condition that has made drinking hard? (e.g. Parkinson's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, sore hands, big hands, etc)

- What the Jamber mug does for you? (e.g. Make your life easier?  Feel less embarrassed when you use it?  Feel more confident to drink?  Drink more liquid?  Do you enjoy drinking more?  Spill less often?  Do your kids or grandkids like your Jamber mug?)

- Why do you choose the Jamber mug over any other mug at home?

- Would you recommend Jamber mugs to other people? Why?

Step-by-step instructions on how to record the video

Purpose.  To capture your experiences using a Jamber mug, why you love a Jamber mug, and how using it makes you feel. 

Length.  30-60 seconds, but can be as long or as short as you want.  No limit.

Lighting.  Best lighting is to be in front of a window, with the window in front of you.  Alternatively, be in a well lit space so you are well lit.

Noise.  Please do your best to film this when it is quiet.  If possible, you can use your phone's ear-buds, which will have a really good microphone built in.   

Where to film.  Ideally, be wherever you are most likely to use your Jamber mug (e.g. in the kitchen, in your living room, etc.).  Ideally, drink from the Jamber mug while filming.

Record the video: 
- Open the camera on your smart phone.
- Select VIDEO (it will default to PHOTO)
- Turn the camera around, so that you can see yourself in the screen
- Make sure the lighting is good
- Make sure there is no background noice (use your earphones if needed)
- Press record

Send the video to Jamber: 
- Click on the thumbnail of the video in your phone (to select the video you want to send).
- Click the FORWARD TO icon (looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up).
- Click the MAIL icon (looks like an envelope)
- Type in the "TO" field:
- Type the subject: "YOUR NAME - Video" (type your full name here, so we know who the video is from)
- Hit send