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Senior Living Aids

Our Story: The Aha Moment

Traditional Cup

We were having lunch with Allen’s grandfather, a former 82nd Airborne Ranger, the toughest of tough, now living in an assisted living home. That day, Allen noticed his grandfather struggling to drink water from a paper cup and asked him, “Pap, if you’re having so much trouble drinking water from a paper cup, how do you drink your coffee?” He looked at Allen and said very seriously, “It’s horrible. Everything hurts – my wrist, my fingers, my hand.” We looked around and saw a room full of ladies struggling with their teacups. That was the a-ha moment. Together, we have science, bio-engineering, and manufacturing backgrounds. We can solve this problem.

How we made the cup


We spent over 2 years creating over 100 iterations. In this time, we analyzed hand and grip data, built mathematical models, and created lots of prototypes, testing them again and again. At every stage of the process, we engaged our top medical advisor, the former president of AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association).

The result: a beautiful-looking ceramic teacup and coffee mug, designed to virtually eliminate stress and strain on hands, fingers, and wrists.

Mission & Vision

Jamber is committed to making everyday products that make life easier for seniors. We take a systematic approach by infusing math and science into the design process, and then rigorously test our products with real people. Jamber believes that all people, regardless of their age, should be able to do the simple things in life, like taking a sip of coffee, with dignity and without pain. After all, don’t the simple things make all the difference in world? We think they do.