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    Why The Jamber Mug?

    A mug designed to be held in her hands

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    Practical gifts for grandma

    If you are on the hunt for practical gifts for grandma or gifts for grandmothers who have everything, look no further than the Jamber mug. The Jamber mug is a beautiful ceramic mug that is Made in the USA, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe. And, one of the best features of the Jamber mug is the grip. The Jamber mug provides things grandmas like - more grip, more comfort, and more stability, to give grandma more confidence, and help her stay more hydrated. And what makes for a more practical gift for grandma than a coffee mug which she can use everyday (and think of you!)? When you are looking for practical gifts for grandma, here are three questions you should be considering:

    Will grandma actually use this gift, or will she smile politely and toss it into storage in the back of her attic? Jamber mugs are practical and versatile. What better granny gifts than something that grandma can use everyday, all day long? At first, grandma might think only to drink coffee or tea from her Jamber mug. However, she'll likely discover there are endless ways to use her new Jamber mug - for water, smoothies, soup, oatmeal, and even for baking brownies!

    Are these really things grandmas like? Jamber mugs are stylish. They are offered in bold colors that can match grandma's kitchen (or just her blouse or her mood!) When thinking about granny gifts, its great to pick something that is practical and looks good.

    Are these great gifts for grandmothers who have everything? Honestly, grandma can probably pick out anything she really wants, and she's probably had a lot of experience deciding what she likes and doesn't like. And, that's probably why she already has everything. The Jamber mug, with its patented design, offers a new type of mug - something that hasn't significantly changed in nearly 5,000 years. The Jamber mug is the only one that fits like a mug - no more balancing acts, you can quit the clutch claw, and you can avoid the smashed pinky. These are things grandmas like - a new product for something she's loved doing all her life.

    And, don't forget about grandma on Mother's Day. Jamber mugs make great grandma gifts for Mothers Day.

    When you are thinking of granny gifts, you can rest assured that Jamber mugs will be sure to please. Many people have raved about the wonderful reactions they've received when they've gifted Jamber mugs to their grandma. And when you are considering gifts for grandmothers who have everything, you'll be sure to wow and pleasantly surprise with these practical gifts for grandma.

    With over 1,000 five-star reviews, Jamber mugs are sure to be the best gifts for grandmothers who have everything. And, remember, we a LOVE IT guarantee (free, hassle-free returns) and free shipping on all orders, so buy a set of Jamber mugs today and have them shipped, no-risk, for free.