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Jamber in the News

Creators of Jamber mugs hope to bring back joy of living
"We're creating a household brand using science to reinvent everyday objects."

Rethinking the Everyday Coffee Cup—and Creating a New Business
"We suddenly became aware of how incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient standard mugs are."

Business And Design Lessons From A Scientist Who Reinvented The Coffee Mug
"[The product] must address a problem that is affecting such a large part of the population, that it makes sense to build a business around it."

Hands Down, A Cool Mug Design
“We wanted to create something that could improve people's lives.”

Coffee Mug Category Heats Up with Innovation
"The Arseneaus came up with a universal mug design suited for anyone aged 6 to 106, left-handed or right-handed."

Take Your Morning Caffeine Kick to a Whole New Level with the Jamber Mug
"Jamber has revolutionized the coffee mug industry (which hadn’t seen innovation for over 4,000 years)."

Interview with Allen and Diana Arseneau, Co-Founders and CEO/COO at Jamber
"We started Jamber to make a difference in the world, and we are now confident that Jamber is doing just that."

The Creators of This Ergonomic Coffee Mug Say It's 'Life-Changing'
"The main difference between a Jamber cup and a regular one is the handle."

Jamber is The Coffee Mug That Will Make You WANT to Rise and Shine
"I took the Jamber mug for a test drive a couple weeks ago, and have been reluctant to put it down since."