Science of Jamber

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  • We started Jamber so that my grandfather could enjoy his cup of coffee without pain.  

    The a-ha Moment
    We were having lunch with Allen’s grandfather, a former 82nd Airborne Ranger, the toughest of tough, now in an assisted living home. That day, Allen noticed his grandfather struggling to drink water from a paper cup and asked him, “Pap, if you’re having so much trouble drinking water from a paper cup, how do you drink your coffee?” He looked at Allen very seriously and said, “It’s horrible. It really hurts.” We looked around and saw a room full of ladies struggling with their teacups, trying their best to sip and not to drop them.That was the aha-moment. When we got back home we thought, “we are scientists and engineers, we can solve this problem.”

    Jamber Spider Hand
    Jamber Products
    How we made the cup
    To create the cup, we pored over hand and grip data and created prototypes, testing them again and again. We engaged our top medical advisor, the former president of AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association), at every stage of the process. Over 100 iterations and 24 months later, our ceramic teacup, designed to virtually eliminate stress and strain on hands, fingers, and wrists, is helping seniors around the nation.
    Mission & Vision
    Jamber is committed to creating mugs and plates that are both comfortable and stylish because of our unique science-driven design approach.  We believe that everyday products can truly become an extension of ourselves, so that we can focus on enjoying the moment, not on how painful or difficult it is to pick up a cup of coffee.  
  • 1. Anatomically Neutral Hand Position
    The Jamber cup handle puts your hand in an anatomically neutral position, reducing stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons.

    2. Optimal Power Grip
    The Jamber cup handle puts your hand in an optimal power grip position. This is a maximum grip strength position, allowing for the strongest, easiest grip possible, even as grip strength declines with age.

    3. Stabilizing Foot
    The stabilizing foot is designed to reduce the incidence of spills. Spills often often occur when your finger sticks to the handle after the cup is set down and you pull your hand away.

    4. Handle Indents for Swollen Hands
    The Jamber handle has an indent on each side to receive swollen metacarpal-phalanges (the "meaty part of your hand"), so that Jamber cups work well for old and young hands alike.

    5. Flared Lip
    The 8oz teacup features a flared lip, designed to conform to your lip. This creates a better seal, allows liquid to flow with more uniformity, and reduces required shoulder rotation. The result? Less dribbles. This flared lip is also designed to fit a silicone lid with a drinking hole.

    6. Balanced Weight
    The 8oz teacup's weight is about 330-340 grams (0.7lb), which is both weighted enough to help reduce shaking, and light enough to hold for an extended period of time. You might even forget you are holding it!
    Jamber Cup Benefits
  • 1. High Wall
    The Jamber plate wall was designed to push food back onto your utensil. Because you are less likely to push food off the plate, eating is even easier.

    2. Flared, Ridged Rim
    The rim is flared up and out, with ridges, that act as a barrier to keep food on the plate. The ridges provide both a stimulating feel and traction while holding the plate.

    Jamber Plate
  • 1. Hydration
    In one senior living community, resident intake doubled, from 3.5 oz to 7oz of liquid per meal.  

    Given that chronic dehydration is a major problem among the senior population, this makes a huge difference to their health, longevity, and happiness.

    2. Confidence
    Customers report an increase in confidence that they can hold onto their mug without the fear or embarrassment of dropping it.  

    3. Freedom 
    One customer, who happened to be a 73 year-old Vietnam veteran, spent 30 minutes talking to his friend...while standing and sipping coffee from a Jamber mug.  He forgot he was holding the cup, eventually scratching an itch on his back with the hand that was holding the mug...spilling cold coffee down his pants.

    Let me repeat that...he spent 30 minutes holding his coffee mug...and forgot he was holding it!!!  

    4. Reduced Pain
    Jamber's ergonomic design reduces pain and strain on the hand, fingers, and wrist.

    Jamber Lady
  • We met these 3 lovely ladies one morning, and were fortunate enough to spend a few hours with them, as they told us their very honest opinions on cups. It was an amazing experience.
    We now affectionally call Helen, Bette, and Marie our "Jamber Ladies".