Science of Jamber

What Makes a Jamber Mug So Comfortable?

What Makes a Jamber Mug So Comfortable?

1. Effortless Grip 
The Jamber handle puts your hand in an optimized power grip hand position. This is a maximum grip strength position, allowing for the strongest, easiest grip possible.

Benefit: Hold your mug effortlessly!

2. Relaxed Hand 
The Jamber handle puts your hand in an anatomically neutral position, reducing stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Benefit: Relaxing and comfortable to hold.

3. Stabilizing Foot 
Jamber introduced the stabilizing foot, which provides more stability to the mug because spills with other mugs often occur when your finger sticks to the handle as you pull your hand away.  

Benefit: Increased stability

4. Flared Lip (teacup only)
The 8oz teacup features a flared lip, designed to conform to your lip. This creates a better seal and allows liquid to flow with more uniformity.

Benefit: Users of all ages (young children and older adults) will have an easier time drinking.

We Are Science Nerds

We Are Science Nerds

Science and math are really cool. They helped Allen & Diana design the Jamber mug.

This love of math and science led Allen to study chemical engineering (with a concentration in biology), and Diana to study chemistry in college.

Allen and Diana thought it would be easy to design a better mug. Boy were they wrong!! They spent almost 2.5 years designing the Jamber mug until it was just right!  

Along the way, they bought a 3D printer (totally cool!), built an advisory team of industry experts, and spilt a whole lot of coffee. The design process included data analysis, product design, and of course lots of user-testing.