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Shipping & Returns OLD

Shipping & Returns

How much does shipping cost?

US customers:
      - For orders less than $40, we offer flat-rate shipping of $4.99.
      - For orders $40 or more, we offer FREE SHIPPING.

International customers:
      - Shipping is based on USPS International Rates

How long does shipping take?

We ship orders on Mondays and Thursdays.
      - Once your order has been shipped by Jamber, it will be in transit, based on the times below.

US customers:
      - Shipping times are 1-3 days, via USPS (US Postal Service).  
      - We ship orders from Massachusetts

International customers:
      - Shipping times are 6-10 days, via USPS (US Postal Service).

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped through USPS (US Postal Service).  

We do our best to use all recycleable materials in the packing, whenever possible.

Help, there was a problem with my order!

If you are having any problem at all with your order or the deliviery, just call or email us.

We will do everything in our power to make it right as quickly as possible.

(617) 259-7471

Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes, and Yes.

Hawaii & Alaska (2 places we would LOVE to visit!)
      - Your shipping rates are exactly the same as customers in the 48 contiguous states.  
      - $4.99 flate rate, for orders less than $40.
      - FREE SHIPPING, for orders $40 or more.

Do you ship to Canada, the UK, or other European Countries?

Jamber does ship to Canada, the UK, and 16 European countries.  
      - We use USPS International Shipping for all international deliveries.

Over time, we will expand to even more international countries.

Does the delivery require a signature?

Nope. No signature needed.

USPS will deliver the package like it would deliver any mail.  


Return policy - 100% satisfaction guarantee

We believe in high-quality products that can make your life better.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Jamber product, please contact us so that we can find a way to make it right.

We offer free returns, so if there is nothing that we can do to make it right, then you can return your Jamber for a full refund. We just ask that you send it to back to us in the same condition that it was sent to you.

(617) 259-7471

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