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The World's Most Comfortable Mug

A modern ceramic coffee mug that was made to be held. Savor every sip, and enjoy every moment with this luxuriously comfortable cup.

Juanita's Review

"This cup has made my life a little easier. I enjoy my morning coffee so much more now."

- Juanita G. (Boston, MA)

Essay: Why Choosing the Right Large Handle Coffee Cup Matters

Traditional coffee mugs, with those silly, small handles, even when they're called coffee mugs with big handles, can actually lead to long term pain and damage to our fingers, hand, and wrist. In contrast, the Jamber mug, which was designed over 2.5 years, and in collaboration with a hand surgeon and top occupational therapist, is more than just a large handle coffee mug; It's the world's most comfortable coffee mug. While traditional mug handles place all the weight of the mug onto your finger tips, the Jamber mug distributes that same weight evenly up your entire arm. The result is an incredibly comfortable mug, with a large handle that allows for a secure, firm power grip, so you have more control of the mug. For these reasons, the Jamber mug really is the best large handle coffee mug, and a one-of-a-kind large handle coffee cup. It's the only large handle coffee cup that is actually comfortable, easy to hold, and well balanced in your hand.

It shouldn't be too much to expect that coffee cups with big handles actually feel good in our hands, and do no harm. It's all too common that a regular cup with big handle is just a larger handle loop, that is still not easy to hold or comfortable. It took a team of experts to analyze hand mechanics to create the best coffee mugs with large handles and coffee mugs with big handles. And we couldn't be prouder of our patented large handle mug. The Jamber mug is so much more than just a mug with a big handle.

Our unique coffee cups with big handles now have over 1,000 five-star reviews. The Jamber mug is a mug with big handle that is making life life easier for countless customers, by making drinking easy and joyful. Jamber mugs are truly more than just coffee mugs with large handles or coffee mugs with big handles. Our science-based approach to creating the patented Jamber large handle coffee mug is a revolutionary product, and a breakthrough in functional product design. So, if you're in need of the best large handle coffee cup or coffee mugs with large handles, then you should absolutely try the Jamber mug. And with our LOVE IT guarantee, there really is not reason not to try it. You'll see why people are calling it "their favorite mug of all time".