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    We Make Hands Happier & Healthier

    We all experience life through our hands. 

    - Shaking hands to say hello.
    - Touching your baby.
    - Picking up a cup of water.

    Our hands are with us for every precious moment.

    Made To Be Held

    Jamber re-designs products to preserve your hand strength, so that your hands are strong and healthy, improving your quality of life.

    We create products that are made to be held in your hands. 

    What Is Handware?

    Handware products are scientifically designed to be held by hands and preserve hand strength.
    The keys to preserving hand strength are: 

    1. Reducing grip strain

    2. Increasing gripping ability

    Why Handware?

    We believe that everyday products should improve our quality of life, not make it hard to do simple things, or give us pain, or embarrass us.  

    So, we invented handware products, products that are made for hands, in hopes of making products that make life more enjoyable. 

    We are a team of hand surgeons, occupational therapists, and bio-engineers that dedicated to redefining how consumer products are designed.

    A Case For Handware

    Everyday we unknowingly hurt our hands by straining or contorting them in unnatural ways.  This happens during many common tasks like typing on a keyboard, holding a mug, or texting on your phone.  This abuse adds up, and ultimately can cause pain, arthritis, or carpal tunnel. By the time these conditions are diagnosed, it’s too late. 

    The problem is that most products that we grasp with our hands are not designed for hands. This is not an old person problem, it's a problem that impacts all of us. The sooner we start preserving our hand strength,  the stronger our hands become, and the longer they last.

    In fact, most young people don't even notice any hand pain or discomfort when holding poorly designed products (think about holding a conventional mug!).  Over time, we can experience less grip strength, increased pain, and the appearance of conditions like carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or arthritis.  

    This leads to our hands hurting more, and being less able to do simple things.  This results in our using our hands less.  We drink less, we eat less. Our physical health gets worse, which impacts our mental well-being. 

    All of this translates into a very real decrease in our quality of life.

    The Jamber Mug

    1.Easy to Hold

    The power grip exerts the most gripping force, making it the easiest grip to use.  Other grips include the pinch and round grips.   

    The Jamber mug allows for an almost optimal power grip, making it extremely easy to hold.

    2.Fits virtually all hands

    Metacarpophalangeal (MCP) Joints are where the finger connects to the hand.  On the palm-side, this area can swell or become enlarged over time, changing the shape of your grip.

    Jamber mugs allow for all hand shapes to drink with confidence.


    A neutral hand position reduces strain on your ligaments and tendons of the hand, wrist, and forearm.  This results in less discomfort or pain.

    The Jamber mugs puts your hand in almost an anatomically neutral hand position.


    Many spills occur when mugs are placed down too hard, or a finger accidentally stays in the handle.

    Jamber's "handle kickstand" almost eliminates these dangerous spills.