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"I'll never use another cup"

"At first I thought the Jamber handle was way too big. Now, it's my favorite cup.This cup is insanely comfortable. My friends keep stealing them out of my kitchen. Too funny."

- Chico (Hull, MA)

"Most comfy grip for a mug!" 

"These are the most comfy mugs to hold in your hand. You can actually wrap all your fingers around the handle without touching the hot surface of the mug. I have carpal tunnel and this handle makes it sooo much easier to hold a mug without hurting my wrist. Thanks Jamber!"

- Jing (New York, NY)

"Listen buddy, this is a great cup." (2:10)

Bette, Helen, and Marie use Jamber for the first time. Together, the three of them are hilarious.

"Finally, a mug for me"

"I've broken my hand 3 times, and tore tendons in my thumb. Playing football is not kind to hands. Thank you Jamber. I can enjoy morning coffee again! "

- Rashad, former NFL player (San Fran, CA)

"My kids drink more water with Jamber"

"My three year-old and my seven year-old have been drinking more water because they have a cool cup like their daddy. Also my other Jamber is at work and people are constantly asking me about my mug. Thanks Jamber!"

- Frank (Hingham, MA)

"Never thought a mug could enhance my morning coffee."

"Seriously. No joke."

- Scott (Lebanon, OH)

"Love that the handle fits even with gloves."

"I like to JAMBER outside in the sunshine whenever I can! Love that the handle fits even with gloves."

- Laura (Victoria, BC, Canada)

"The Jamber fit nicely into my large hands" 

“I didn’t have to struggle squeezing my fingers through this one. The Jamber fit nicely into my large hands.”

- Nii Okai (San Francisco, CA)

"Functional and beautiful"

"Finally, a stylish cup that I can comfortably use to enjoy my morning coffee. So easy for me to use even when filled to the brim. It is my “go to” cup for all my beverages."

- Cathy (East Islip, NY)

"A truly thoughtful and ergonomic design"

"The Jamber cup is a truly ergonomic and thoughtful design. Everyone should use Jamber, regardless of age or ability level. I drink from a Jamber mug myself every day."

- Dr. Karen Jacobs (EdD, OTR/L, CPE, FAOTA)

"A coffee cup I actually want to hold"

"Finally, someone invented a coffee cup that I actually want. It really is the most comfortable mug ever. "

- Ike (Boston, MA)

"My morning coffee is so much better now"

"I started using a Jamber mug a few weeks ago. I can't believe it, but I actually enjoy my coffee more. It's the most comfortable mug I've ever held!!"

- Amy (Scituate, MA)

"I've never been so excited to serve coffee"

"In the 16 years I've been cooking, I've never been so excited about serving coffee. Everyone is just blown away by how comfortable the Jamber mug is."

- Chef Maureen (Rocky Hill, CT)

"This is my GO TO MUG"

"I have a neuromuscular wasting disease that is killing my muscles over time. It has impacted both my fingers & hand dexterity / strength. I can not hold a traditional porcelain coffee mug without burning my fingers as I'm not able to hold the handle correctly. The Jamber 12oz. Coffee Mug is now my everyday "go to" mug when drinking hot liquids. I'm able to nest the top of the Jamper large handle between my thumb and fingers with out contacting the hot surface.

Thank you to Diana & Allen for the: vision, abilities, perseverance, and Caring for the Elder and those In Need of daily assistive devices - these Mugs make a huge difference in our daily living."

- Don (Hingham, MA)

"I like it"

- Baylee Rae, age 3 (Leominster, MA)

"Jamber is just so easy to hold"

"My hands don't hurt at all when I use the Jamber cup, which is a nice change from holding those old-fashioned cups. Jamber is just so easy to hold."

- Margaret (Hingham, MA)

"My father uses Jamber everyday with ease"

"I bought a Jamber mug for my dad, who has Parkinson's, because I wanted to support a local company. I'm so glad that I did. He uses his Jamber mug every day with ease. Thank you Jamber for making my dad's days better.

- Denise (Stoughton, MA)

"It's the grip that's so amazing"

"My Jamber mug is so easy to hold, that I sometimes forget I'm even holding it! It's the grip that's so amazing."

- Helen (Providence, RI)

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