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Jamber Coffee Mugs | World's Most Comfortable Mug

Learn what makes the Jamber EasyHold mug so different than any other.

Improving quality of life

We design products that are made for hands, because we know that our hands connect us to the world.

What is handware

Handware products are scientifically designed to be held by hands and preserve hand strength.

The keys to preserving hand strength are: 

1. Reducing hand strain
2. Increasing gripping ability

Why Jamber

See why the Easy-Hold mug is so easy to hold (30 sec)

More than just a mug with a big handle

Every other mug was created to hold coffee.  The Jamber mug is the first mug designed to be held in your hands.

The Jamber mug is designed by engineers and scientists, and approved by a world famous hand surgeon and occupational therapist.

Jamber is made for hands.