Ruby Red
Lemon Zest
Dove White
  • Jamber Ceramic Teacup, 8 oz.

    Striking form and optimal functionality meet in this innovative cup. Designed by engineers to conform to the hand for maximum ease and comfort while drinking, its sculptural lines also make it a striking addition to any place-setting.

    An indented grip ideally accommodates the hand, while a balanced weight, flared lip and stabilizing foot combine to provide a smooth drinking experience.

  • Product Details

    Size: 8 oz.
    Colors (Solid): Dove White, Lemon Zest, Ruby Red
    Material: Industrial-grade ceramic
    Durable: Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe, Freezer safe, Oven safe, Lead-free
    Origin: Made in USA

  • Science of Jamber

    1. Patented design by engineers and scientists
    2. Anatomically neutral hand position for an effortless grip. No thumb needed
    3. Feel the optimal power grip - easiest grip to hold
    4. Flared lip to make drinking even easier
    5. Stabilizing nub reduces spills

    Learn more about the science of Jamber

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