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ZenFit Arthritis Compression Gloves

by Jamber
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Can reduce hand pain, finger stiffness, and joint inflammation almost immediately. Wear for 8 hours at a time for best results.

Comfy fit, breathable and soft material, smart seams, and open-finger design makes these arthritis compression gloves incredibly effective at reducing hand pain and stiffness. Great for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), carpal tunnel, neuropathy, Parkinson's Disease, tendonitis, and many other conditions.

Size: S

Compression gloves work amazingly well. Research has shown arthritis compression gloves can reduce hand pain, improve circulation, reduce stiffness and inflammation, and improve grip strength.

ZenFit Gloves are exceptionally soft, and effective at increasing hand circulation to promote healing of hands.

- MATERIAL: cotton, polyester, spandex
- SIZE: S / M / L
- FIT: Refer to sizing chart.
- CARE: Hand wash cold; Air dry
- ORIGIN: China